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Want a Job? Here Are Some Impacts.

Having a job in school can have its pros and cons for both high school and college students. While in one regard, you can make money and start saving for future plans, it also can be stressful for so many reasons. Depending on the type of person you are, future ambitions, and work-load helps students all over America to determine if they should get a job, so is it right for you?

Fast food workers, internships, tutoring, and baby-sitting are just a few job examples that students take up to make money throughout schooling. According to Walden University, nearly 30% of high school students have a job of some sort. This is a large sum, considering there are over 15 million high school students in the United States. Furthered, The Georgetown Report found that 70% of full-time college students take up a job as well. This is not a small subject to say the least, and reaches students of all races, gender identities, and socio-economic situations.

My experience with a job has actually taught me quite a lot about my future. I have learned money management, built confidence, and learned more about being a team player. I did not personally have a healthy relationship with spending money until I had to start actually keeping track of it. I found that if I wanted more things, I needed to work for them. Next, I have had to talk to customers of all kinds, including ones that degrade and belittle. However because of this I find myself almost a better person because of it. I always do my best to show positivity back. Upon this, I have learned that showing kindness is a skill that must be learned for future ambitions. Finally, I have learned the true meaning of being a team player. In a healthy work environment, you will often find that you make relationships that make you a better worker.

However, while there are positive aspects to having a job in school, there are negatives as well. Remember the degrading and belittling people? They do exist, and they do have an impact on how you see people in the outside world. Furthered upon this, it does put a strain on mental health. Not only because of the customers either. Oftentimes when you get a job while in school, you have less time to do school-work, participate in clubs, study, and even sometimes do homework. Depending on the work you are doing, it can really have an impact on your school work, social life, and outlook.

If you are already a busy student and are able to not get a job, it is highly recommended to do what if best for your own mental health. If you feel as if you can take one on, then do it! If you need a job, have to get one, or just want one in general, my best advice to you is just take it one day at a time. There will be days that you would rather not go to work, and others that you will love to be there. Throughout the day try and remain positive and strong. No matter if you are in high school or college, with or without a job, positivity goes a long way- and people around you notice and feel the energy you give off. Even through the pandemic, keep your head up honey, you are going places! No matter what your future may have in store, show positivity! If you are searching for a job, find something that you think you will personally enjoy. At the end of the day, no matter with money or without, the optimal goal is to be happy and healthy mentally and physically!


Sam Montgomery

North Little Rock High School Junior

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