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What is poetry?

That’s the beauty in it:

Poetry is anything

And poetry is everything.

Poetry is a tool

To write

And record

Your thoughts,




And yourself.

Poetry has mostly gone out of fashion,

But I believe that is just because people don’t understand what it is anymore.

Poetry doesn’t have to have rules,

Just passion.

It doesn’t have to rhyme,

You don’t have to keep time.

You don’t have to follow a standard theme,

Or keep it in a scheme.

Modern poets very commonly write in free-verse,

Without any rhymes,

Without a specific rhythm,

They just write what they feel.

In my opinion,

Free-verse adds humanity to the poem

And makes it more relatable.

Modern poets write about anything from

Love to


Much of modern poetry centers around mental health

Because writing is healing.

Poetry allows people to express their emotions

And move on from their pain.

another form of poetry is prose (when the poem is written in paragraphs.) this is some crossover with other forms of writing, but the grammar, capitalization, and punctuation isn’t restrictive. prose lets you use commas just about anywhere you want, for emphasis. most pieces of prose tell some sort of story, but it certainly doesn’t have to.

so why is poetry important? well, I started writing poetry almost exactly two years ago. for me, writing poetry helps me remember where I was at certain times in my life; I have a tendency to forget. it is a way to get out of your head. it’s emptying all of the bottled up thoughts and emotions and pouring them down the drain. poetry is the freedom of your own thoughts, it is a flow. look at the paper or document, and then write the words how you see them in your mind. whether that’s a regular line, a squiggling trail, on the left or the right, with random spaces, or unexpected ALL CAPS, lowercase i’s, no punctuation, ellipsis, whatever feels right to you. all of these methods provide some meaning to the words.

Reading poetry is a way to feel understood

And not alone in your struggles

Poetry can be humorous

Or dismal

It can be very real

Or it can be imagined

Poetry can tell your story

Or someone else’s

Poetry can be for you

Or for someone else

In essence

Poetry can be anything you want it to be

P o e t r y i s e v e r y t h i n g

Y o u w a n t t o s a y

B u t y o u c a n ’ t .

I t l e a v e s a s p a c e

A l i t t l e a n o n y m i t y

A l i t t l e m y s t e r y

I f y o u d i d n ‘ t w a n t a n y o n e

T o k n o w.

Poetry can be used to tell important stories

Or information about important topics.

Poets like Maya Angelou, Audre Lorde, Langston Hughes, Amiri Baraka, and Emily Dickinson wrote about social injustices. They tackled racism, sexism, sexuality, and all forms of discrimination. Many poets write poetic accounts of historical events or write a biography for a historical figure in poetic form. Poetry is used to inspire change through emotion.

Throughout all of time, poetry has been

 the art that we’ve developed

to express our thoughts.

Poetry is the  

unique flow,

the shape, 

of our words

in every hour.

Poetry is a look through

the glass of the human mind

and it is unavoidably imperative to the

development of today's society, and tomorrow’s too.

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