Meet the LOUDwomen Ambassadors

Northwest Arkansas

Natalie O'Brien
Centerton, AR
Bentonville West High School Senior

In the future, Natalie plans to double major in psychology and criminology. She is passionate about social work and criminal justice reform and hopes to pursue a career in which she can aid communities in reforming justice systems and mending social inequities. Natalie is currently working on the Education Policy Project team and is also aiming to be a national finalist for her school’s chapter of HOSA in Medical Law and Ethics. Her other hobbies include listening to podcasts, spending time outdoors, and finding new ways to be involved in her community. 

Hemali Gauri
Fayetteville, AR
Haas Hall Academy Sophomore

Hemali is a sophomore at Haas Hall Academy. She also heads the Speech & Debate Club at Haas. Hemali is interested in Congressional Debate as well as diplomatic debate. She is unsure about her future plans but is very interested in the STEM field and will likely pursue higher education in it. Hemali is excited to continue to be an ambassador in this amazing organization!

Himani Patel
Bentonville, AR
Haas Hall Academy Senior

Himani hopes to attend college in California, and wants to major in Biology. Himani is a member of the Teen Advisory Board at the Bentonville Public Library, helps students in the academic tutoring program at Haas Hall Bentonville, is an officer at her school chapter of HOSA, and participates in volunteer work in the Senior BETA club at her school. In her free time, Himani plays tennis and loves writing. Additionally, Himani enjoys traveling, in which she is intrigued by various cultures and historical sites. She is an advanced piano player who inspires younger pianists to pursue an interest in music and instruments. Himani hopes to work on advancing healthcare in impoverished communities as well as feminine healthcare in the future. 

Soumya Kolluru 
Bentonville, AR
University of Arkansas Freshman

Soumya is majoring in business and plans to be a CEO one day! In high school, she was involved in Speech and Debate and led multiple business clubs. Outside of school, Soumya pursued her passion of Indian Classical Dancing and plans on starting a competitive Bollywood dance team at the University of Arkansas. She finds purpose through speaking up about important topics and being an activist for her community. Soumya enjoys meditation, being a stan of Harry Styles and Taylor Swift, and drinking smoothies!

Rohan Collins
Centerton, AR
Bentonville West High School Junior

Rohan is interested in pursuing a degree in computer science. He wants to use his interest in the STEM field to help quality of education in marginalized communities throughout the United States. He currently serves as Co-President of BWHS Young Democrats and Junior Class President on the BWHS Student Council. He is also involved in Model United Nations and Asian Student Association at Bentonville West. Rohan is passionate about many issues including racial equality and access to quality education. He was a member of The Shame of Bentonville, a group that used peaceful protest the Confederate monument in the center of Bentonville. The statue was removed during the summer of 2020. He is a recipient of the Harriet Tubman Trail Blazer award, a reward given to young activists who used there voice to make a difference in Northwest Arkansas.

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Briggs Becker
Centerton, AR
Bentonville West High School Junior

Briggs is a rising Junior at BWHS. He serves as a Student Council Representative to the class of 2023. Briggs is a dedicated swimmer for West & NWAA. He is passionate about politics, foreign policy, LGBTQ+ rights, and environmental issues. Briggs hopes to get a major in Political Science & Business then go to law school. In his free time he likes going on hikes, spending time with his family, and is absolutely obsessed with Birkenstocks.

Braeden Smith
Centerton, AR
University of Arkansas Freshman

Braeden is majoring in Animal Science and plans on becoming a zoo veterinarian. He loves animals, science, watching TV, and hiking.

Jyothika Arunkumar
Bentonville, AR
Haas Hall Academy Sophomore

In the future, Jyothika plans on pursuing a career in Medicine. She has always had an interest in helping others and enhancing her leadership skills. Currently, she is an Outreach Chair for a non-profit known as ANANTA, which focuses on helping children in India. She has also been the Secretary and Community Outreach Officer of her school's chapter of Beta Club, which focuses on community service and leadership. Through these organizations, Jyothika has had experiences organizing fundraisers, drives, and other charity events to benefit those in her local community and in India. She is very passionate about activism, especially on issues such as gender/race equality, lack of educational resources, and inclusiveness in society. By taking part in the LOUDwomen community, she hopes to educate herself, work with new people, and initiate change for the betterment of our community.

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Central Arkansas

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Trinity Foster
Crossett, AR
Crossett High School Junior

Trinity Foster is a junior at Crossett High School and has competed in oratorical contests since the age of six. She is passionate about racial justice, educational equality, and providing mental health resources to under-served communities. Trinity enjoys dancing, writing, and playing/listening to music. She plans to enter a career in politics or broadcast journalism when she is older.

Kayleigh Langston
Cabot, AR
Cabot High School Senior

Kayleigh plans to major in Business and minor in Marketing! She has been a part of Cabot High School's debate team for four years and has proudly been a captain for three of those years. She competes in Congress and Extemporaneous Speaking. In Congressional Debate, she found her passion for feminism, the environment, and mental health. Besides debate, Kayleigh absolutely loves photography, gardening, and painting.

Sadie Kirk
Little Rock, AR
Parkview Magnet High School Junior

Sadie plans to double major in Psychology and Music Performance. She has a deep love for speech and debate. She has done all forms of debate (policy and congressional), but she focuses on mock trial debate, which she very much enjoys. Sadie plays violin, piano, ukulele, and guitar, and she is in the Academy Arkansas Symphony Orchestra, and she is involved in orchestra in school as well. Sadie is Junior Class President and National Honor Society President for the 2021 - 2022 school year. She is also Historian of Beta Club, and for the past two years, she has been Student Council Secretary. She is starting a Students Demand Action Club at her school for the 2021 - 2022 school year. She has been involved in Girl Scouts since she was 5 years old and 4-H since she was 9 years old. She has been able to learn to use her voice and advocate for people around her through those organizations. She is a big advocate for women and animal rights. To demonstrate her animal rights, she is a vegan, consuming no meat or animal byproducts.

Brooke Decker
Mountain View, AR
Mountain View High School Junior

Brooke plans to attend college and major in psychology with a minor in criminal justice in order to pursue a career in Forensic Psychology! She has two years of congressional debate experience. Brooke has a passion for volunteer work with children. She enjoys reading, writing, and participating in extracurricular activities such as band and debate.

Samantha Smith
Little Rock, AR
Mount St. Mary’s Academy Freshman

Samantha Smith is a freshman at Mount St. Mary’s Academy. She has recently served as student body president and has a great passion for government and debate. She hopes to pursue such classes and extracurriculars through her high school career, and eventually earn a law or phycology degree. In addition to this, she takes part in varsity volleyball, track and field, and AP courses. Samantha firmly believes in creating everlasting change through policy and reform and is more than excited to apply these principles through her LOUDwomen position. She is particularly interested in finding innovative solutions to the adoption system and to widen the availability of access to mental health resources. Her other interests include reading, traveling, and playing competitive volleyball. 

The south

Rena Liu
Knoxville, TN
Farragut High School Senior

Rena is a senior at Farragut High School in Knoxville, Tennessee. When she's not napping or drinking tea, Rena is actively pursuing her passion for government and politics. She's volunteered on several local campaigns and was a field intern for Renee Hoyos, a congressional candidate in her district. In addition, Rena is highly involved with the Junior State of America as a Cabinet member and Chapter President, where she helps engage fellow students in civics and service. Rena is especially interested in ways to eliminate structural barriers to equality and wellbeing and hopes to address this issue through a lifetime of public service.

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Zae Brewer
Atlanta, GA 
Kennesaw State University Freshman

Zae Brewer is attending Kennesaw State University to study Political Science. Some of his past experiences include being a Fellow for the Democratic Party of Georgia, a Phonebank volunteer for the Carolyn Bourdeaux Congressional Campaign, the Jon Ossoff U.S. Senate Campaign, one of two Georgia Delegates for the 59th United States Senate Youth Program. Zae wanted to join LOUDwomen to expand his knowledge on how we can get more women and girls active and empowered in our country and around the world. I look forward to serving as an ambassador!

Kenzie Swartz
Madison, AL
Bob Jones High School Senior

Kenzie is an upcoming senior at Bob Jones High School and plans on continuing my education at university. Kenzie hopes to enroll in a dual degree program to get her JD and Masters Degree in the field of social work. She wants to become a Guardian Ad Litem which would enable her to help children around the nation. She believes when it comes to making a difference, we must start with our youth. Kenzie is passionate about LGBTQ+ rights and disability equality; she also advocates for various chronic illnesses - such as Ehlers Danlos and Alopecia. She is  a teen ambassador for the Nation foundation of cancer research and participates in many school clubs - such as Student Government and yearbook.

Mariana Chavez
Chapel Hill, NC
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Freshman

Mariana Chavez is a freshman at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She is passionate about how the brain works specifically when it comes to learning and development, which has led her to pursue a major in Neuroscience on the Pre-Med track. In high school, she organized several blood drives, labs, and speaker events aimed at helping her community and educating students interested in healthcare. Mariana moved here from Mexico in 2011, has played piano for 10 years, and loves watching movies!

Nick Moyes
Tuscaloosa, AL
University of Alabama Sophomore

Nick is a sophomore at the University of Alabama. He is majoring in Finance and Economics. During high school he competed in debate for 3 years, primarily in congressional and public forum debate. As a student at the University of Alabama, Nick is now involved with the coed professional business fraternity, Alpha Kappa Psi. Since he was just recently initiated into Alpha Kappa Psi, Nick plans on staying involved with chapter operations in various leadership positions throughout the next three years. Additionally, Nick worked as a campaign volunteer for Georgia Senator, Raphael Warnock during the 2020 Georgia Senate runoff election. Nick currently works at Journeys as a Sales Associate. He says his favorite part of working there is getting to meet so many different types of people. After college, Nick plans to go into the field of financial consulting where he would eventually like to work for himself as a private contractor.

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The midwest

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Clary Doyle
Elkhorn, NE
Northwestern University Freshman

Clary is a freshman at Northwestern University, pursuing a double major in history and legal studies with a minor in Spanish. In high school, Clary led her school’s student council, feminist club, and fair trade committee where she demonstrated her passion for equity and inclusivity. In her free time, she enjoys giving pitching lessons to young softball players, writing and performing slam poetry, and volunteering for political campaigns. Following college, Clary plans to attend law school and eventually have a career in public service. 

Eshaan Jalali
Omaha, NE
Elkhorn South High School Junior

Eshaan is a Junior at Elkhorn South and has lived in Arkansas for 15 years. He is moving to Omaha and is going to try to start/continue LOUDwomen there. He does Policy and Public Forum Debate. Eshaan enjoys playing tennis and learning computer science!

Sophie Price
Kansas City, MO
Rockhurst University Sophomore

Sophie is a sophomore at Rockhurst University this fall, studying psychology with hopes of getting her masters and certification in sex therapy. She spent all 4 years of high school practicing and competing in debate, and researching different politically sensitive topics. Sophies studies at Rockhurst University have opened her eyes to what plagues women today. Sophie is particularly interested in educating on hook-up culture’s influence in rape culture today, among other issues that continue to be ignored.

The east coast

Karleene Mugomoka
Boston, MA
Northeastern University Freshman

Karleene Mugomoka graduated from Bentonville West High School in 2021. She will attend Northeastern University in the fall and major in nursing with hopes of becoming a Women's Health Nurse Practitioner. She has served as Parliamentarian for Arkansas HOSA and is a two-time state finalist in Prepared Speaking for HOSA. Karleene is passionate about health equity and sexual liberation. She loves to listen to audiobooks, sing, and try new foods! 

Mia Lopez
New York City, NY
The Culinary Institute of America Freshman

Mia is a culinary science major with a minor in baking and pastry. She is passionate about the environmental impact of food waste on the planet, women's rights, access to meals, and the importance of the arts. She also has her own baking business, @cookinbymia on Instagram. She has had multiple of her creations reposted on verified accounts, including Refinery29. She makes an effort to better her community through her creative outlet by donating funds from her bake sales to organizations such as World Central Kitchen and Black Visions Collective. Mia hopes to inspire others to speak out about important issues, even if it is in an unconventional way. In her free time, she loves to sing, write new recipes, hammock with friends, and watch New Girl. Mia is so excited to be a LOUDwomen ambassador!

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Clayton Kincade
Washington, D.C.
Georgetown University Freshman

Clayton is a first-year at Georgetown University, studying Science, Technology, and International Affairs. In high school, he did Speech and Debate for 6 years and usually competed in Impromptu Speaking, Poetry, and World Schools Debate. He is passionate about abolishing child marriage, fixing educational inequity, and promoting independent art. In the future, he hopes to pursue a career in Law!


The West

Ashley Valois
Clark University Freshman

Ashley Valois will be a first year attending Clark University majoring in Political Science. At her high school, she was heavily involved in numerous clubs such as Student Council, Science Olympiad, and other service clubs. Through co-founding her school's Model United Nations Club, she fostered a passion for international politics. Ashley is highly interested in immigration law and aspires to be a lawyer. She had the privilege and honor of being one of the delegates representing Hawai'i at the United States Senate Youth Program. Through these several interests, she is looking towards pursuing law and public service.

Tayo Babatunde 
San Francisco, CA
Academy of Art University Sophomore

Tayo is a sophomore at  Academy of Art University, where she is studying Audio Engineering. Tayo loves working on projects and ensuring the creative visions of others are shown. Interning for Walmart and Sam's Club's technology centers and collaborating on different teams in robotics and design was a major learning moment for her. She did speech and debate all throughout High Schools and continues to be involved in her community.  Tayo's favorite hobbies are writing, being with friends, and learning new languages. She is super excited to be an ambassador.

Sagan Kurose
Waipahu, HI
University of Hawai'i at Manoa Freshman

Sagan Kurose is a first year student attending the University of Hawai'i at Manoa studying biochemistry. At her high school, she was highly involved in the Student Council and Science Olympiad. Outside of school, Sagan was a part of the New York Academy of Sciences 1000 Girls, 1000 Futures program and participated in various internships at local hospitals. She is passionate about fostering leadership skills and interest in various aspects of the STEM field within the younger generation of females. In the future, she hopes to pursue a career in the medical field!