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Our Mission 

LOUDwomen is a 501(c)(3) Arkansas based nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering young women and rural students. We seek to help girls through our four pillars: action, confidence, education, and leadership

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LOUDwomen encourages taking action to fight inequity across the country and globe. Through fundraising, lobbying, and activism, we hope to make a tangible impact on legislation and school policy. Action is an important step for young girls to be able to address the issues of equity they have observed/experienced.


We hope to use our speech and debate programs to empower young girls to build confidence and public speaking skills. We believe speech and debate programs provide extremely valuable skills that can support girls throughout their life. The inequity within speech and debate inspired this program and making speech and debate a safe space has always been a priority for LOUDwomen.


Education is an essential goal of the LOUDwomen program. We want to make sure young women have access to resources that will help them succeed in grade school and beyond. We hope to offer informative updates and keep all LOUDwomen members up to date with current events through this pillar.


The best way to learn leadership skills is to meet and interact with current leaders. We believe young girls can learn from women who have achieved success and have the wisdom to share. This pillar is dedicated to connecting LOUDwomen members with mentors and role models in various career fields and disciplines.

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