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General Information:

The LOUDwomen Institute is a public speaking and leadership camp for students of all ages! We plan to teach students how to construct arguments and present those arguments. Additionally, we will equip students with the knowledge and resources to be rising leaders in their communities. 

Join us for a 3-day workshop with public speaking experts, local leaders, executives, and Harvard affiliates. 

When: August 8th, 9th, and 10th 
Time: 1 PM - 6 PM (CST)

Where: In-Person: Bentonville Public Library Teen Zone
Virtual: via Zoom

Sign-Up Form Due: August 5th at Midnight!

Who: All are welcome! This is a public speaking and leadership training institute for everyone. We think students in middle school and up would benefit from our workshop, but everyone is welcome!

If you have any questions please contact us at



Sinchana, 7th Grade

Thank you so much for everything you have done for us! It's hard to find a debate class before high school, and it gives me SO MUCH experience for me to do debate in high school.  You guys were the best teachers ever!

Catharyn, 8th Grade

This was such a good experience for me. It has taught me so much, and I will take the stuff I have learned here throughout the rest of my life.

Carina, 11th Grade

The instructor did a good job engaging us in whatever was being talked about. Also, because she spoke from her personal experience, I felt that I was able to learn a lot better and grasp a better understanding of public speaking skills. I feel that I am a lot more excited for my future public speaking, debating, and doing Model UN. 



Anna Dean

Director of the In-Person Institute

Anna is the Founder and Co-CEO of LOUDwomen. She is a rising sophomore at Harvard University from Bentonville, Arkansas. Anna is a member of the Harvard Debate Council and has been in the Speech and Debate world for 6 years. She loves teaching young people speech and debate skills to grow their confidence! Anna is excited to teach rising leaders at the LOUDwomen Institute!

Paola Almendarez

Director of the Virtual Institute

Paola is one of the LOUDwomen Executive Directors of Programming. Paola is Co-Director of LOUDwomen's Youth Debate Forum and loves teaching young people speech and debate skills! She is a rising first-year at the University of Rochester from Washington, D.C. Paola is excited to host the LOUDwomen Virtual Institue to increase accessibility! 


Check back later to see our guest speakers!

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