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So many people changed throughout the first wave of Covid and people across the globe went into quarantine. Some got a new pet, cut their hair, picked up a new hobby to distract themselves from the chaos in the world. I fell into that vast group of people, rather I picked up an old love. Reading.

I love reading, probably now more than I ever have. Over the period of Covid I have read almost 20 books and counting. I don't know whether or not it was because I had more free time or that I truly needed a small distraction from everything, but whatever the reason, I have found a handful of books that are now permanently on “my favorites” bookshelf.

Without further ado, a warm introduction to “my favorites” bookshelf:

The Song Of Achilles by Madeline Miller

Miller’s book explores the story of Achilles from the perspective of his lover Patroclus and the chaos of the Trojan War.

I had seen this book absolutely everywhere on social media, everyone was raging about the writing and plot, and I couldn’t agree more. When I tell you this book is perfect in every way, and painstakingly emotional, I mean it. I knew the plot before even reading it and somehow I still cried at the end of it! I recommend this book to anyone and everyone, and please tell me what you think of it if you do read it!

Shrill by Lindy West

In West’s book, she tells the story of growing up with a world pinned against her through comedy and the harsh truth about society.

I never write in books. When I see someone annotating a book, it almost seems like they're ruining it. But, I couldn’t stop from grabbing my pen and underlining nearly half of this book. As I read, I couldn’t stop myself from outright laughing numerous times. Her comedy was the cherry on top of it that welcomed it onto my bookshelf.

Lovely War by Julie Berry

Set during World War I, Greek Gods tell the story of two couples whose lives intertwine through a chance of fate.

I highly recommend reading this book with “As the World Caves In” by Matt Maltese playing in the background, it makes reading it so much better, especially towards the end. I read this book immediately after The Song of Achilles in hopes of finding a book that would be equally as good as it, and this book met those standards. The author choosing to have Greek Gods tell the story of the couples made the book just that better and added to the plot in numerous ways.

Circe by Madeline Miller

Another book by Miller, that is just as good, tells the story of Goddess and witch Circe as she tries protecting her and her loved ones from the anger of the Olympians.

When I bought this book, I was largely concerned that it wouldn’t meet my standards that Miller’s other book, The Song of Achilles, had previously set. But once I had finished reading it, I found myself to not let down but rather pleased with this one in comparison to her other book. It is a change of pace and storytelling in comparison, yet still just as amazing. I recommend it if you need a relaxing book to unwind to.

My list of “favorites” continues, but of them these four hold the top of the category. If you do end up reading any of these books, or have read them, please tell me! I would love hearing your opinions on them!

(I am also currently reading Red, White & Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston, hopefully it will make it onto this shelf as well!)

Much love,

-Kayleigh <3


Kayleigh Langston




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