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Feelings of Inadequacy During Covid

Covid-19 has undeniably had a whirlwind effect of destruction on our everyday lives. Some of us are no longer able to attend school in-person, participate in after school activities, or hang out with friends. This drastic change in day-to-day life has harmed many persons’ mental health. Especially if you are a high school student, then you can relate to the feeling of inadequacy that Covid brings. Although the college application season has passed for seniors, juniors are starting to get prepared for it. If you are a junior like me. or possibly a sophomore, then you may also have feelings of inadequacy. I’m here to say that that is normal! Everyone struggles from time to time with their self-esteem and self-image.

Since Covid has changed so many things, a lot of people are struggling with their mental health. When you are approaching the time in high school when you begin applying to college or planning your future career, it can be stressful. Now that Covid has changed a lot, applicants’ resumes can be lacking. Of course, this is nothing that you can control. It is important to recognize that you are doing your best and trying to survive an extremely stressful time. However, it is important to know and recognize that college admissions offices are adjusting how they look at future applicants. Moreover, your high school accomplishments or activities do not determine your self-worth. It is hard to recognize this when you are in constant social situations that prioritize these things over anything else, but you should still strive to.

Below I have a few tips to help combat these feelings:

1. Recognize that there is nothing better you can be doing besides what you are.

As a high school student, you tend to focus a lot on what you could be doing better instead of looking at what you have already done. You need to recognize the latter and prioritize that during Covid.

2. Give yourself a break!

Self-care should be a big priority on your list. Even if it is a small thing such as giving yourself regular 5-minute breaks or treating yourself to a clothing time you have wanted for a while, you are still taking care of yourself. It is important to take care of yourself to prevent burnout and for your mental health.

3. Understand that you are in a unique situation

What this generation is going through is something that has not been experienced for a few generations. We are experiencing a truly unique series of events that we possibly cannot have any control over. By understanding this I hope that you can cut yourself more slack and be proud of what you have accomplished already.

If you have/ are experiencing frequent problems regarding your self-esteem or image then you should consider reaching out to a professional. Although therapy is not an always accessible resource for everyone, I recommend seeing if your school offers any free mental health resources.

Take care y’all and stay safe!


Jade Buchanan

Parkview Arts/ Science Magnet High Junior

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