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Change is the best medicine 

Every so often, I find myself caught in a horrible cold. A cold that makes me question every smell, taste, and feeling I acquire. It makes me question the actual importance of doing anything. A cold that makes me question whether or not I’ll be able to finally breathe out of my nose. During these times, I always want to find the best medicine that fixes my symptoms fast. In this case- my medicine is simple cough syrup or Tylenol. It's at these times in my life that I thank the advancements in the medical industry and how accessible and accurate treatment is. One can only wish that there was something as easy as Tylenol to help the many hardships we face in our lives. The closest one I've encountered that has had the same impact as an over-the-country 24-hour fever relief pill is the simple act of change. 

Change- to make (someone or something) different; alter or modify- as defined by the Oxford dictionary might be the sole causation of all impact in our life. Nothing happens until something changes its course. Grass doesn’t grow back until the earth changes its orbital position. The energy stays conserved until an outside or inside force changes the object's course. Ice doesn’t melt until the temperature changes. Your muscles don’t grow until you change the way you eat and workout. Your attitude doesn’t become productive until you change your mindset. Your happiness doesn’t terminate unless you- yourself- decide to change your outlook or environment. All of this to say, the importance of change- especially in today’s society is very much prevalent. Change is the driver of what can be and what will be. Feeling low on energy? Change your diet and the effects will show up. Not happy with your grades? Change the directory of your efforts and goals to see a potential increase in percentage. Without a difference in what you’re doing, there can literally be no significant progress one can make. 

To relate this on a personal level- if one is going through a rough patch in their life- they must look at any new changes they made in their lives. Was there a new habit they picked up? Did they surround themselves with a different environment? Did they make new friends? Whatever the change is- it is most likely the factor that has caused things in their life to change. Now to figure out how to relieve the privation, it is pivotal that the individual takes time to reflect on those changes, and what new changes they can make to aid in reversing those impacts. If you keep yourself in a situation that is negatively impacting you- meaning you aren’t taking yourself out of the impacts- there is absolutely no way you can expect any better. Yes, change takes courage, confidence, and perhaps uncertainty- but in return, one can achieve a lifetime of wisdom, peace, and perseverance.  

Combating the effects of change is arguably as important as the change itself. When facing change, you have to prepare yourself for the feeling of discomfort. This feeling is something not everyone can handle with diligence and grace- which is particularly why change is so hard for some people. Discomfort does not mean bad. Discomfort does not mean wrong. And finally, discomfort does not mean unsuccessful. Change brings about new impacts to your life- the very reason you made those changes. The willingness of the person to achieve that change is what determines the effectiveness of the change. Without the acknowledgment of changing actions to create impact- one can never get further than the surface level. You most definitely have to put the work in to see the difference- you have to be ready and accept the uncertainty change brings; because that feeling is worth sacrificing your ultimate peace for.

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