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Things to be Thankful For!

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

Thanksgiving is often referred to as a filler between Christmas and Halloween, most people’s favorite holidays. A place for families to either come together in joy and celebration or to end in feuding and fighting. During these disagreements people most often forget the foundations of why they are together in the first place, to express what they are thankful for.

While it sounds cheesy a huge thing to be thankful for is family and friends. Your support system, whomever they are, are there to support you no matter what bump you hit in your life. And bonus if you don’t like your family, you have your friends. So take time this year to thank your friends and family.

Take time to thank your bounties. That seventeen-pound turkey and five pies that you and your family plan to chow down on, unfortunately, some people don’t have that. Some people do not see the downside of getting out of school for a week, so we should all take time to be humble and appreciate the little things.

Be thankful for your home. Many people this winter will be going without central heat or any other way to keep warm. This time of the year starts the season of freezing weather and unfortunately more and more people flood into homeless shelters that are overfilled and are limited on resources. So be thankful that you have a warm bed to sleep in during the cold season.

And finally be thankful that you can take the time to spend with your family, friends, and pets because some people don’t get to enjoy the holidays.


Brooke Decker

Cabot High School Sophomore


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