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Team USA’s Female Olympians: Their Impact at Home and Beyond

The Tokyo 2020 Olympics is one of the most celebrated and watched events of the year, and a sense of nationalism continues to sweep across the globe. The intensity in which the athletes perform truly inspires fans to support their country and its players. While watching, we start connecting with certain Olympians, no matter their sport, and follow their journeys through the Olympic Games. Rising to the spotlight are female Olympians, who are redefining the meaning of female participation and engagement in the realm of sports on a global level. Expressing femininity on an athletic platform accentuates the future of powerful American women in future Olympics. A few of the most renowned female athletes in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics have set the stage for success and have thrilled Americans at home and beyond:

  • Carissa Moore

    • Moore is a Hawaii native who earned a gold medal in the Women’s Shortboard competition for surfing. Being the first American woman to earn a gold medal in Olympic surfing, Moore has set the stage for America’s new prominence in a diverse area of sports (now including surfing). Representing her Hawaiian heritage allows Moore to not only demonstrate her surfing excellence, but also express her connection with the sport. In this way, her accomplishment on the tides of Tokyo has opened up the perspectives of self-reliance and immense responsibilities associated with globally recognized athletes. For her country, and the rest of the world, Moore has uplifted the sport of surfing and for all of the people who engage in the activity as well.

  • Lydia Jacoby

    • Alaska’s first Olympic swimmer to qualify for the summer games is only 17 years old, inspiring thousands of American teenagers to excel and pursue their dreams. This gold medalist flourished in the Women’s 100 meter breaststroke, shocking the crowds with her efficiency in speed and form. Jacoby’s stunning achievement has clearly notified young athletes around the world that the sky's the limit, and age is not a restriction in excelling in any field of interest. Becoming an inspirational figure at such a young age has allowed swimmers and athletes worldwide to dream bigger and work harder.

  • Suni (Sunisa) Lee

    • Minnesota’s 18 year old Olympic gymnast Suni Lee amazed the crowds in her performance on the uneven bars and wooden beam. Her shocking debut in the Tokyo Summer Games was not only successful, but also powerful enough to help earn Team USA’s Women’s artistic gymnastics all-around a silver medal. After Simone Biles’ disappointing performance in the qualifying rounds and eventual withdrawal from the team and individual events, Suni Lee showed her complex, perfected dexterity on the uneven bars and balance beam to uplift the team’s overall score. Not only this, but Suni Lee shined in the Women’s All-Around individual event, bringing home the gold. With her help and courage as a first time Olympic performer, Suni Lee has grabbed the spotlight at an early stage. Despite Team USA’s loss of the gold to Team ROC (Russian Olympic Committee) in the team event, Lee has represented the notion of team spirit and tenacity on a global, and especially a national level. For America, this new Olympic performer has set the stage for perseverance.

Surfing, swimming, and gymnastics. These three sports have earned Team USA international prestige through the outstanding performance of its medalists. Team USA’s women have proved themselves to be unstoppable, and their performance in the summer games have intrigued audiences from not only America, but also in hundreds of other countries. Yet again, women have come a long way in sports, and continue to strive further. Moreover, we are hoping to see more from these talented performers in future Olympic games.


Himani Patel


Haas Hall Academy



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