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Taking Time to Enjoy the Little Things

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

Robert Brault once said, “Enjoy the little things in life because one day you’ll look back and realize they were the big things.” This quote almost makes taking time to enjoy the little things sound easy. Especially since we all live in an era when time is of the essence. Fast cars, speedy speakers, and even more swift technology, everything around seems like it goes one-hundred miles a minute or maybe even seconds! But, even though we all see the world moving so fast, including myself, why are we still trying to find out what comes next instead of living in the moment? Enjoying the little things? Taking time out to smell the roses? According to Dr. Steve Taylor, alongside Psychology Today, we often look forward to the future because we are dissatisfied with our present situations. It’s vital that we all step back from this dissatisfaction, and look around us. Finding hope, joy, and happiness in the little things can help not only our minds but also our physical situation. Finding the balance of physical and mental wellness comes with the ability to see the little things more clearly, and therefore makes us happier, more positive people. The mere smile that a stranger gives as you walk by, flowers you see growing in your neighbor’s yard, the sunset, are all small, minor things that we forget to do to make us see the brighter side of things in a hard time. We can hardly control the future, so we must strive, as a community, to live in the now. Especially in a time when a pandemic is in charge of every move we make, we have to step back and find the good. The future is unknown, but we have a chance to make a difference now. Since Covid-19 has dominated our lives, it has not been easy for many people to keep a positive attitude, because Americans are extremely social as a whole. This virus has taken away the ability to enjoy some of the small parts of life that we love, such as seeing friends, family, going to school, watching sports, etc. A chance to find ourselves, and what has made us into the people that we are today: the little things. Make the most memories you can while you have the chance, the future might not allow it. How do we do this though? There is no one exact way that we can make ourselves enjoy the little things, you can take a drive or a walk through a scenic area and take in the beauty of nature, you can bake muffins and smell the intoxicating aroma from your oven, you can go outside and look up at the stars on a clear night and find constellations with your friends or partner, and there are many other things you could choose to find joy in everyday things. These may not seem very obvious at first, but look a little closer and I promise you’ll find something beautiful.


Sam Montgomery

North Little Rock High School

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