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Guide to Being A Student, Changemaker, and Leader

As this is my final blogpost for this scheduled season for LOUDWomen, I feel as if it is my obligation and honor to share tips for those who will soon be in college. I want every senior and even junior in high school to know that there are many ways to stay involved or get involved while staying on top of the books.

I came to college right out of high school, somewhat knowing what to expect but at the same time having a dire feeling of anxiety and a fear of the unknown in every aspect. At the time, I was beginning college as the Events & Affairs Secretary for my political party chapter on campus, LOUDWomen Ambassador, and Georgia State Director of ProjectNextGen. I didn’t know then if I was going to be able to manage all of that and six classes with the possibility of getting involved in more, which eventually happened, but I did. Over time, I adjusted to the life of a full time college student, being away from home, and managing all my responsibilities. I ended up also becoming Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of Kennesaw State University, which is a big yet rewarding oath I took. I triumphed despite doing all of these things through simple, personal challenges and tasks I gave myself to ensure I remained an effective leader while being an excellent college student.

You may have seen this first one coming, and it can be kind of cliche but the method in which you manage your time is very important. There isn’t a set method to manage your time, it is very different for everyone, and it took me a while to find my effective method. I am trying something new this semester with a planner which is one way, but if you aren’t old school like me, keeping digital reminders on your phone, smart watch, or computer is a good way to stay on track. I have always somewhat been able to adapt easily to new environments, schedules, etc. as a former military child. For all of last semester I had my schedule worked out in my head and was able to navigate it almost perfectly, however this method can be a bit stressful. The second tip I have for young leaders who are about to make that jump from high school to college is to keep your priorities at the top. When you get to college you will find that you probably won’t have as much time to do things like binge shows, or marathon video games on a daily basis. You may also find that you may have to cut out some of what you may consider second tier responsibilities and commitments. I found that there were certain organizations I was involved in, or certain responsibilities I had during the summer that were manageable at the time however during college I realized I didn’t make them a priority because I was making school and organizations and causes important to me ahead of those other things. Early on before you get to college you should reevaluate and think about what you are truly committed to, and what you would be willing to let go if it comes to that. This will save you a ton of stress in the long run. One last thing I will touch on is very cliche and it sounds dumb, however believing in yourself ultimately and persevering will lead to glorious rewards in the end.

Ultimately your mental state and what you tell yourself affects how you perform in school, as a leader, and as a human being living on Earth. Since I am on the topic of mental health in general, take days off for your mental health, utilize on campus therapy, do anything (as long as it is healthy, legal, and safe) to help yourself maintain a healthy state of mind during your college journey. Again, I know all of this sounds generic and cliche, however from a young leader to hopefully many others, I wanted to share what guided me and helped me throughout my first and currently through my second semester of college, and I look forward to continuing finding effective methods in the next two upcoming years as a student. I hope that my wisdom is of use to anyone who is going to college already living an ambitious and busy life.


Zae Brewer


Kennesaw State University

Kennesaw, GA

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