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Embodying the Embodied

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

I’d like to start off by shouting out my bitches,

My bad bitches, The bitches who give me life and inspire me to keep doing me.

My bitches,

Anna Dean, who I met during the summer at Harvard debate camp, quickly became one of my closest friends who motivated me to get out of my comfort zone.

Ne’Jhara Soriano, the baddest of them all, my sister, the person who encourages me to live every day to the fullest.

Jessica Carter, the original bad bitch, my role model, the person who has shown me there is no limit to self-expression.

And my bitch Jaclyn Nguyen who guides me through this world and reassures me of my self worth in times of need.

I love each and every one of you.

You are my bitches through and through.

A bitch.

An individual that defies the norms of the patriarchy.

Or so that's how it was used to label womxn who did not abide by the norms and stigmas of a male-dominated society. The word bitch has been normalized now to mean a lot of things, usually either derogatory or in some cases uplifting

Today let's talk about embodying the embodied.

What does being a bitch mean for those who are already labeled by society as one. I am talking about the internal. The mental. The violence sexism, misogyny, patriarchy, and many more, create and affect us.

Embodying the embodied is different and expressed in many ways.

So let's talk, this blog post will be messy. What did you expect from the embodied? Bitches are always messy. Bitches came out of the womb messy.

Rule 1: Bitches love Bitches.

Oftentimes we see bitches going against other bitches in combat, getting ready for the war. Mistaking our kin for the convict. Being a bitch means that you love other bitches unconditionally no matter if bitches are competition or not. The type of love that's produced between bitches is something that changes lives, something indescribable. That love translates into support, recognition of a similar struggle even if they operate in different spaces, realms, and or capacities. Bitches love Bitches remember that.

Rule 2: Bitches preserve in every instant.

Being a bitch comes with the struggles that are often systematically, culturally, and socially indescribable. Bitches are always on guard. Waiting, collecting, adhering to everything around us. In the face of adversity, bitches always preserve. The struggle does not define bitches. But overcoming that struggle is a part of how bitches identify themselves.

Rule 3: Bitches conquer life and everything that comes with it

The 3 b’s, Bitches Break Barriers. Remember that. Being a Bitch is what those rules above stated. Not what the patriarchy labels bitches as rude, emotional, passive, etc. Bitches are bitches. Embodying the embodied means that we must discuss how bitches carry themselves in society, Society will always view bitches as bitches whether they're “good” or “bad” bitches. Bitches are bitches, and being a bitch means you don’t please society so be unapologetically yourself.


Delia Zhou

Bay Area, California

Oakland High School Senior


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