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Are you a passionate leader? Do you want to grow LOUDwomen to empower even more young women?

Join the LOUDwomen Leadership Team!


What is the LOUDwomen Leadership Team? 

The LOUDwomen Leadership Team is the management group that will lead LOUDwomen endeavors during the 2022-2023 academic year.

These Leadership Positions are NOT paid and are open to ALL high school and college students, regardless of location. 


What will the Leadership Team be required to do?

- A Leadership Officer should be expected to work 4-8 hours a week.

- The Leadership Officers will meet (virtually) with their department’s Ambassadors once a month. 

- The entire Leadership Team will meet (virtually) once a month to go over plans and programs.

For specific duties, look below at “Leadership Descriptions.” 

The 2021-2022 Leadership Team will take office in May 2022 and will end April 2023. 



Leadership Position Descriptions: 

- Executive Director of Finance: 

The Executive Director of Finance will be in charge of seeking grants, donations, and financial opportunities. They will talk with investors and manage ALL LOUDwomen funds.

Characteristics: Interest/experience in finance, eager to speak with investors, quantitative thinker, etc. 

- Executive Director of Communications:

The Executive Director of Communications will oversee ALL outreach and communications for the LOUDwomen Website and Social Media Platforms. They will spearhead marketing efforts for growth, development, and branding. Additionally, they will lead the Social Media and Data Assessments team. The goal of the Director of Communications will be to better communication efforts and expand the LOUDwomen platform. 

Characteristics: Interest/experience in communications and marketing, innovative thinker, good people skills, sales/market minded, passion for social media/website marketing, etc. 

      - Executive Director of Social Media:

The Director of Social Media will oversee all social media platforms. They will think of innovative ways to engage the LOUDwomen community via platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. They should have an interest and/or experience in social media graphic design. 

Characteristics: Interest/experience in social media graphic design, passion for media, good people skills, innovative thinker, creative, etc.


     - Executive Director of Data Assessments:

The Director of Data Assessments will collect data and find trends to work with the Communications team to better web programs and asses engagement patterns. They should have interest and/or experience in data, computing, coding, etc. 

Characteristics: Interest/experience in data and computing, analytical thinker, etc. 

- Executive Director of Programming:

The Executive Director of Programming will spearhead all LOUDwomen programs. This includes overseeing Speech & Debate, Civic Education, and Policy programming. They will direct LOUDwomen’s Youth Debate Forum and (Virtual) Speech & Debate Institute. Additionally, they will lead and organize LOUDwomen Speaker Series. They should possess a passion for civic education and growing LOUDwomen programming.

Characteristics: Interest/experience in Speech & Debate, teaching experience, passion for civic engagement, organization, good people skills, innovative thinker, etc. 

- Executive Director of Ambassadors:

The LOUDwomen Ambassador Manager will spearhead all Ambassador-related activities, such as organizing the blog post schedule, uploading blog posts, meeting with Ambassadors to hear their ideas, leading Ambassador marketing initiatives, etc.


Characteristics: strong leadership skills, good people skills, organization, strong communicator, etc. 


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email us:

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