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The Academic & Mental Importance of Community

As the school year starts and fall approaches, many high school seniors are stepping into a new chapter in their lives as they apply to college. In the hustle and bustle of this transitional period, the role of community involvement has become apparent. While community engagement undoubtedly enhances the appeal of a college application, its significance goes far beyond just checking your application boxes off. In this article, I delve into both the academic and mental benefits of participating in your community and explore how you can seamlessly integrate communal activities into your daily routine.

NAMI, The National Alliance on Mental Illness, highlights the many advantages of engaging in meaningful community activities. These communal activities provide a sense of belonging, a pillar of human emotional well-being. They offer a platform for social support, building connections that can serve as a buffer against feelings of anxiety and depression—a critical consideration in the lives of high school seniors navigating a crucial time in their lives. By participating in communal efforts, individuals often uncover a sense of purpose, contributing to improved mental resilience. Additionally, community involvement isn't limited to emotional upliftment; it's a pathway to skill development and personal growth. Penn State research shows how this type of engagement enhances problem-solving skills, nurtures local networks, and refines communication abilities. The benefits are not confined to any singular moment, but ripple into the future, laying the foundation for relationships that can play important roles in securing recommendation letters and professional introductions.

While some may find themselves seamlessly plugged into existing groups or organizations due to prior relationships, many can harness the power of community involvement by exploring different accessible avenues. Local institutions such as public libraries and city websites often advertise programs that offer community-based opportunities. It's important to recognize that community connections can extend beyond physical proximity; online platforms have given rise to a new kind of connection. Consider the LOUDWomen organization—a great example of a community that transcends physical boundaries. In a greatly connected world, virtual involvement offers flexibility while still creating a sense of purpose. Regardless of whether you engage in person or online, it's important to align your involvement with your passions and interests. Think about what really drives you in life. Determine the time commitment you're comfortable with, which will ensure that your engagement remains sustainable and enriching.

Incorporating community involvement into your daily routine requires intentionality and good time management. Start by carving out dedicated time for these activities, just as you would for any other pursuit. Integrate your community engagement, recognizing its inherent value alongside other commitments. For instance, if you're passionate about environmental sustainability, consider engaging with local eco-initiatives. This not only amplifies your impact but also ties into your broader academic journey, growing your understanding of real-world applications.

As you step into this transformative phase of your life, remember that community involvement is not an obligation, but an opportunity for overall growth. Beyond helping your college application, it nurtures emotional well-being, builds essential life skills, and lays the groundwork for lasting relationships. By aligning your passions with community engagement, you can seamlessly integrate them into your routine, creating a balance between personal, academic, and communal pursuits.

In conclusion, the significance of community involvement extends far beyond the confines of a college application. It can shape your personal growth, mental resilience, and future connections. By embracing community engagement, you not only contribute to a broader collective but also embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment.




Presley Russell, Bentonville, 12th Grade, Instagram- @presleyruss

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